viernes, 1 de agosto de 2008

2008 Maiden Heaven (A Tribute To Iron Maiden)

01. Prowler [Black Tide]
02. Remember tomorrow [Metallica]
03. Flash of the blade [Avenged Sevenfold]
04. 2 minutes to midnight [Glamour Of The Kill]
05. The trooper [Coheed and Cambria]
06. Wasted years [Devildriver]
07. Run to the hills [Sign]
08. To tame a land [Dream Theater]
09. Caught somewhere in time [Madina Lake]
10. Wrathchild [Gallows]
11. Fear of the dark [Fightstar]
12. Hallowed be thy name [Machine Head]
13. Iron Maiden [Trivium]
14. Running free [Year Long Disaster]
15. Brave new world [Ghostlines]


4 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Thamk-you very much!!

Anónimo dijo...

pues gracias por el aporte, pero este es el peos tributo que le han hecho a maiden, TRIBUTO EMO SHIT

Anónimo dijo...

thanx you are always at the top of the news

Anónimo dijo...

el link ya no esta. esta marcando error.

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